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:: Enlighten Up Yoga :: Maui, Hawaii

ALooooooha & Namaste,

Greetings fellow yoga practitioners! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Adrian Blackhurst. I have been studying yoga since about 1997 at various schools. It wasn’t until going to Rishikesh, India in October 2006 & studying at the Agama Yoga school for 3 months of yoga intensives that I began to really get very into the full path of yoga as a way of life. I have maintained a regular practice since then & am so committed to yoga that it has become like a religion to me. Well, a spirituality lets say. Yoga is NOT a religion. You can take it lightly & just use it for physical & emotional/mental well-being, or dive very deep into the well of Yoga spirituality. Your choice & no judgement for either.

In 2006/2007 I spent 9 months traveling around ancient India, studying Yoga from various schools & teachers including a 3 week course of Hahta Yoga & Ayurvedic Massage in Dharamsala, and a 2 month yoga intensive with Agama Yoga (Hatha Yoga) in Rishikesh.  I liked it so much I went to the Agama Yoga mother school on the beautiful island of Koh Phangon in South Thailand & I graduated from Agama Yoga’s 3 month/500 hour teacher training there in April 2009. I immediately went to teach in April there at Monte Vista Healing Center, followed by another month of teaching at Agama Yoga’s branch in Northern Thailand. I continue my studies with Agama Yoga passionately as they offer up to 24 months of continuous teachings (of which I am on month 8) – like the equivalent to getting a Masters or PhD in Yoga! Agama Yoga is a Hatha Yoga which is said to be the most ancient form - each asana is held for a long duration, very meditative & with focus on a particular chakra & energy (a kundalini & tantric based Hatha Yoga). I now teach both the ‘regular’ Hatha yoga (without the focus on chakras), and the Agama yoga style mentioned. When teaching Agama, it is best done as a monthly course (1-2x week, 8x month, so it takes 3 months to complete month 1 of Agama’s 24 classes as a series). Also, having a class that is 2-3 hours long is crucial, because it includes a lecture (with handouts) explaining the chakras, each asana & other yogic teachings on diet, cleansing, health & so on. There are currently 12 Agama Yoga schools worldwide & it is spreading like wildfire! It should soon be a household name recognized widely as an efficient full path of yoga system.

I am currently teaching Tantra Hatha yoga at Ananda Sanctuary in Haiku, Maui, a beautiful oasis
home studio where me & my partner Christina Lola Amar live & own/operate a sacred space for Yoga, Dance, Movement & Workshops.

Christina teaches Kundalini Yoga (Naam yoga style), Pilates, Gyrokinesis/Gyrotonics & more.
Please refer to her website for details:

*possible private lessons including lectures on explanations of asanas ::
padahastasana, talasana, sahaja agnisara dhauti, bhujangasana, paschimottanasana, vajrasana, surya namaskar, cakrasana, gomukhasana, garudasana, sarvangasana, ardha sirsasana, uddiyana bhanda, dhanurasana, pavana muktasana, salabhasana, svastikasana, , halasana, ardha matsyendhrasana, final relaxation

*lectures giving detailed explanations of powerful yogic techniques & theory such as ::
vamana dhauti, Nidra Yoga, AUM meditation (mantra initiation), sanka praksalana, karma yoga, yamas & niyamas, etc..

To find out more, visit our website at
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